Episode 1

Getting to Know Joe and Todd

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Todd took Geometry and French 1 in 9th Grade which inspired him to be an architect. 

He graduated with an architecture degree in 1994. He became a licensed California architect in 2000. 

Todd and Joe met in 1992 at Silver Dollar City www.silverdollarcity.com   Todd was working as a tintype photographer that year.

An example of a tintype photograph from Silver Dollar City

Joe and Todd met again in 2017 and Todd began working for Joe on a contract basis doing prop design and layout.

RumbleDrum started in October 2017



Joe was advised in 2015 New York Fashion Week www.NYFW.com that he should seek out an architect to help him with raising the professional level of service for the layout, permits and life safety aspects of events.

Joe’s family was active in the entertainment industry which inspired him to go into the event planning industry. He was active in dance and music. Joe worked for a small college, the Tulsa Convention Center, and another Event company doing tradeshows and eventually started his own company in 2006.


What is the first step in planning an event?

The most important step in planning an event is to discover the purpose of the event

Other important first considerations that will be informed by the purpose of the event are budget, date and venue.

Establishing a budget

Consider budgeting per person if it is a ticketed fundraiser

Cut minute 10:57 -11:09?

You may have to consider reducing the budget per person if more people than expected decide to attend.

Establishing a date

Consider what else is on the community and national calendar

Consider if a certain season or day of the week is more economical. Some destinations are much more expensive during certain times of the year. Some venues offer discounts for off days of the week.


Meeting Planners International is an invaluable organization that helps establish standards and provide continuing education and networking on meeting and event planning  – www.MPI.org  

Coming up in future episodes:

Choosing Vendors

How to Charge for Event Planning

How to incorporate graphics into an event


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Lesson Learned - Vendor Relationships:

One of Joe’s first lessons in treating vendors well was at a conference where he insisted to the general manager of the hotel that the Coke cans be set up in straight lines. But sometimes your relationship with vendors is more valuable than having everything perfect. Choose your battles.

Tipping guidelines

Joe advises to tip people to tip well for good service. Providing meals or gift cards to show appreciation to hard workers goes a long way. Here is a great article from the Meetings & Conventions website on how and why to tip when managing an event.